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This is a new website / blog started in March 2018, so please bear with me as a try to get the many articles I have planned to write and add to the site.


Welcome to the about Your Healthy Fitness and about me page.

MikeYHFI’m Mike Lee and for those interested, I’m part Irish, Scottish, Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian, spread out over a number of generations. Yeah what a mix!. I have been interested in martial arts, working out and nutrition for well over 30 years. I initially wanted to start a workout and nutrition website to help those who want to improve their physique, especially those of us who’s age has started to catch up with us.  However having carried out so much research on all matters of health and fitness, I decided that writing a website/blog to include a much more information packed website covering many more areas of health was going to provide a much more meaningful and helpful approach for those visiting this blog.

Let me get this bit out the way first. I am not a superhuman, genetically gifted, know it all. I am your average person, who suffers from Hayfever, exercise induced asthma and have a heart murmur. I want to help everyone to achieve the best that they can, at all levels and capabilities. I will provide you with my knowledge and understanding, but you must also do your part.

Of course knowledge means nothing if it is outdated, incorrect or just not put into practise: A statement that sounded very loudly in my ears in early 2017 and one I wished I’d  heard much earlier. You see, as I started to approach my early 40’s I noticed that my many years of lazy on/off training and haphazard dieting wasn’t providing me with the necessary tools to stay healthy or fit to a satisfactory level, but despite this I still carried on regardless, suffering from a number of injuries with rotator cuff / impingement issues, bad knees, bad back and neck, an expanding waistline, taking 6 months off, a year off and then back to training again and so on.

I had been training in this on/off fashion for many years and essentially doing the same thing since my teens despite having amassed a huge amount of knowledge over the years. As I approached my so called middle years and suffering more injuries, aches and pains, I became frustrated with my diet and physical shape and well let’s just say overly laid back approach to it all.

Then in early 2017 and approaching my last year in my 40’s!, I decided to sit down and take a step back and re-evaluate what I was doing. I needed to sort out the years of rubbish information from the good and get myself into gear. What I needed was a structured flexible workout and nutrition plan, that was easy to follow, could fit into my daily routine and not take up a lot of my time. But most importantly it needed to suit my current fitness and physical abilities, needed to be safe, the correct exercises for the human body, the correct recovery period. My diet needed to provided the correct nutrients, but not take all day to prepare, otherwise I just wouldn’t be able to keep it up.

30+years of following old outdated or simply hype information did allow me however the knowledge to understand the human body and re-educate and learn about the human physique in a completely different way and allowed me to research the effects of doing certain exercises and how eating certain foods had on the human body. I began to experiment more and not just follow some generic routine or diet plan out of a magazine or on the internet created by some marketing company.

The plan I came up with allows for a flexible workout system, that is both effective, time efficient and allows for optimal recovery. The nutrition plan is easy to grasp and follow and doesn’t require you to be a maths genius dividing your macros up and counting calories and spending hours preparing food. I literally shop just once a week now and don’t waste time preparing my food, it’s no more difficult than a normal daily eating habit. My weekly workout time is just 2.5-3 hours a week, less time than it takes to watch a TV series or a movie or two.

I am now fitter, stronger and a good deal healthier than I have been since my 20’s and plan to continue learning and sharing my knowledge with all who wants to achieve the same.

And unlike many of these so called experts on the internet, I’m just your (often lazy) average Joe, who is willing to learn, reassess, change, adapt to new knowledge. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, nor do I believe I am right all the time. The internet is full of controversy and closed minds. People need to accept that we are all different and what works for one person may not work for someone else. But what I do provide you with, are the tools to learn and understand what may be necessary for you to seek out and transform your health.

This blog is for those who want to improve their health, workout in a way that will be beneficial whether you want to lose fat, increase your fitness, gain muscle or do all three. This isn’t just about losing weight, but about being healthy as well and the blog will also expand into other areas of health and together we can discover what a healthy lifestyle we all deserve to live. Remember it’s never too late to get fit and healthy. Just do it!

Mike Lee
Your Healthy Fitness

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