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Exercises to avoid

Exercise should be about improving your health, strength, fitness, body composition and for some your physical appearance. It therefore stands to reason that the type of exercise you do shouldn’t cause you injury or any health issues. Following is a list of exercises that can or could be detrimental to you. Let me be clear […]

Common exercise injuries

As much as working out is good for you, the risk of injury from your workouts can be an issue. Those times that you workout with bad form, over do it, suffer from wear and tear from overuse/repetitive motions, or simply not being fully recovered from a previous session can lead to an unwanted injury […]

Home training vs gym

The question of whether to workout at home or join a gym is a difficult one to answer. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Much of it will be down to your own personal circumstances and need. Your physical state may also have a bearing on whether you feel comfortable enough within yourself to […]

Advantages and disadvantages of free weights vs machines vs body weight

Which is better? free weights, machines or body weight exercises? Well I’ll start by saying that all three ways to train can have their place and it depends on what your goals are, your fitness level or if you have an injury. Rather than write a huge essay on which is better to do, I’m […]

The three areas of fat loss

Before I get into the three major areas of fat loss, let’s take a look at: What influences your body fat Let’s start off by admitting that the world has an increasing obesity problem that is only getting worse and it isn’t good. There are several factors that influence body fat, your diet, your genetics, […]

Body fat

Without doubt, body fat is the biggest issue for the majority of people who are looking to go on a diet and/or workout. The subject has been researched by many and over a long period of time. This article, will help you understand more about the human body in relation to its stored body fat. […]