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The Basal Metabolic Rate

What is the Basal Metabolic Rate? Firstly your metabolism is the chemical process that helps you maintain life. It helps your body maintain the correct body temperature, helps pump the blood around the body by maintaining a heartbeat, helps with brain, lung, skin, liver, kidney function, cell regeneration and growth and muscle contraction. It takes […]

Why an abbreviated workout might be for you

Do you find it difficult to fit in your workout routines?. Do you feel tired all the time?. Short abbreviated workouts might just be the answer to managing your workout time and effort. And in fact the ‘less is more’ approach may actually be just what the doctor ordered. What is an abbreviated workout? An […]

Help with your New Years resolution weight loss

It’s a new year and you’ve decided that this year is the year you are going to lose those extra pounds or get that body you always wanted. In this post I’ll try to help you stick to your new year’s resolution with tips and advice to help you achieve that goal. We all do […]

Daydreaming and its affects on you

Do you spend a lot of time daydreaming? thinking about what if, fantasising about what could be, what you would like to happen or even about what has happened in the past? In this post I’ll discuss some of the reasons we do this and the good and bad side of daydreaming. What is and […]

Workout around an injury

Getting an injury while being an active person can be a devastating situation for anyone. Stopping you from your progress in gains in either your fitness, from building your physical or weight loss program. Injuries are almost impossible to avoid, as we modern humans tend to spend most of our time sedentary and then expect […]

About protein powders

Do you find it difficult to get enough protein from your food? Using protein powders to supplement your shortfall in your diet may be the answer you’re looking for. In this post I’ll discuss your protein needs and how much protein powder you might take to supplement your diet. Why do we need extra protein? […]