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Exercise and workout section

Exercise and workout section
This is the introduction to the exercise and workout section. The very first thing I’m going to say is before starting any exercise regime, is to make sure you are physically able to do so without danger to your health. If you have any reason to believe you are not fit enough to workout, seek medical advice first. If you have a physical impairment seek professional advice first to avoid injuring yourself. Even seemingly healthy people don’t realise they may have an underlying health issue, so if possible get your blood pressure and any other test that may be relevant sorted and checked out before exercising.

Both your diet and exercise are the two things you have control over in order to change your body composition and your health. If you haven’t already done so, I’d suggest looking through the nutrition plan first and make sure your diet is in order.

So let’s look at what this exercise and workout section has. The first thing you will need to do is decide what your goals are. I have separated the goals into the three most popular goals that most people have. Those are:

1. Fitness, conditioning, endurance and aerobics and cardio
2. Muscle development and strength gain
3. Combo training

You will notice I haven’t mentioned fat loss. This is because all three of these can be used very effectively to change the body’s composition. I would however suggest those that are obese or very overweight start at number 1 and visit the ‘Introduction to fitness’ section first (see below).

These plans are designed to help educate you and can also be used to allow you to create your own workout plan, rather than supply you with a generic one size fits all routine. Don’t do what I did and waste years looking for that magic workout plan from some magazine, forum or e-book. These plans and articles are a commonsense and workable approach that you will see results from.

Lastly, if you have read my introduction to the nutrition plan, you would have heard me say this already, but if not, I’ll say it again. “Don’t just read this page and think about coming back tomorrow to carry on. Start it TODAY, not tomorrow, or next week or next month, because doing something tomorrow is always the easiest way out of not doing it at all, as tomorrow never comes. Make that commitment to improving your health NOW!

Start here:

Before looking at your goals, I have written some interesting articles that you may benefit from reading first:


Setting your goals, specifics, being realistic and much more.

Section 1. Fitness, conditioning, endurance and aerobics and cardio

This first section is for those looking to get started in cardio and fitness.

Section 2. Muscle development and strength gain

This second section is for those who are looking to build muscle and strength.

Section 3. Combo training

This third section is my combo training for those looking to combine muscle, strength and fitness into one system.

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