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Introduction to fitness

Introduction to fitness
This is the introduction to fitness section and is for those looking to get started in either fitness, conditioning, endurance, aerobics and cardio. Whether you are overweight, of average build, underweight or anywhere in between, start your journey into getting a fitter you today!

I have written the following articles to help those people who are trying to lose weight and use exercise as well as following a good nutrition plan to get into and stay in shape and also for those who simply want to get fitter.

While I’m a big fan of resistance training to become fitter, stronger and to change the body’s appearance, I realise that not everyone wants to either lift weights or wants to add muscle to their body. Therefore while I have included a number of exercises that do use weights I have also included many that don’t, as well as listing numerous sports/activities for you to consider.

Why do we need to exercise?

Unfortunately our modern lifestyles have made us very lazy sedentary humans beings. Once we were hunter gatherers, hard working labourers and survivalists, now we tend to sit behind a desk, in front of the TV/computer, use mechanical transport to go everywhere, and that unfortunate list goes on. On top of that, our diets have fallen foul to bad processing habits, that are often nutritionally bad for us or just are made up of empty calories. And while we may be living longer, this in itself is a problem, as more and more people live longer suffering from any number of illnesses brought about by our lack of healthy living. We need to do something about this and it’s down to you to do your part right here and now!

And while diets are great for reducing calories taken in, they can often lead to a slow down in your metabolism and this is where exercise can help combat this.

Getting more fit can have great benefits in all areas of your life. Get yourself moving, take up a sport or active activity that can both stimulate your body and mind.

I have split the articles into two sections, as I believe that you should start off on the correct footing for your level.

Section 1 – Introduction to fitness for the obese or overweight.

If you are obese or overweight, please start with this section. It is important that you know where and how to start your journey into improving your fitness level in a safe manner and ultimately helping you get into better shape and to live a healthier life.

Section 2 – Introduction to fitness, aerobics and cardio.

If you are confident that you are not overweight or suffering from any medical or physical conditions that will stop you from regular intense exercise, then here is an article for you to help with your journey into fitness.