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pre-exercise advice for the obese or overweight

This pre-exercise advice for the obese or overweight article is aimed at helping you in getting into exercise. Here I have listed some pre-exercise advice for you.

Medical check up before exercise

The first thing you need to do is seek medical advice before starting a workout routine. This is very important, as you need to know if you need to take specific precautions. You need to know if any medicines you take are affected or will have an effect on you when you workout. You need to know if your blood pressure needs monitoring and if there are any other health issues that need to be addressed. I also suggest you get regular health checkups and have your  blood pressure monitored on a regular basis.

Motivation for exercise

Without motivation you will not last long in your journey to lose body fat and become healthier. You must be able to want to do this and be able to sustain a long term nutrition and fitness plan. If you are obese due to emotional issues, then you will need to address them. If your emotional issues are due to your weight, then this is the time to do something about it. Let me tell you something, there is very little in life worth having that you haven’t needed to fight for. Feeling good about yourself takes effort and you need to tell yourself you are worth it. You need to do this for yourself, also it’s not just about exercising, it is a long term lifestyle change, that gets better the longer you do it and the more knowledge you acquire doing it. As a side note, exercise creates feel good hormones – seek them out! Support from friends and family is also important and can help.

Personal trainer for monitoring

My initial advice is once you are cleared to start a workout routine, is to find a personal trainer or someone who is qualified to monitor your progress, not just your fat loss and fitness level, but also your general health condition. Close monitoring of your health as you workout is very important.

Join a group for motivation

Joining a group can also help with motivation and to find people in a similar situation. Find a class that meets your needs however and not some generic aerobics class. Oh and take a friend if you can, as it always helps to have someone familiar around and to support each other.

Nutrition plan

In order to change your body composition you need to sort your diet out first. This is your number one stop after you have the mental need to do this. Eating the right foods has the biggest impact and one that is also the most difficult to master and adhere to. It has to become a habit. See the nutrition plan section.

Going it alone

Many obese/overweight people prefer going it alone. This is fine, so long as you monitor your health and do the exercises correctly. Create a goal and get moving. If you have all the above in check, then it’s time to get moving….literally. In order to keep your motivation high, you need to do the right type of exercise for your level and see progress. Please now go the exercise for the obese or overweight‎ article to begin your journey.