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Muscle development and strength gain

Muscle development and strength gain
This section has been written for those looking to build or improve their muscle development and strength gain and designed to teach you how to create your own workout plan that is suited to YOU and your requirement with the information provided.

The way in which I have provided the information should allow you to build the routines and all its components into workouts that will allow you to train for all types of development, whether for muscle gain, strength gain or both.

Follow these articles in series set out below to learn more:

1. Introduction to your body

In this article I talk about genetics, body types and the types of training for each body type. I also cover the types of muscle fibres we have and introduce you to your skeletal muscles.

2. All about reps and sets

In this article I’ll give you the run down on the effects of doing different rep ranges and sets, as well as how many to use for specific goals. I’ll also talk about the correct way to train and the various training methods you can use to create endless workout routines, whether you are a beginner or advanced trainer.

3. Introduction to workout routines

Here I’ll explain to you about how to structure your reps and sets into a routine and the types of exercises and how to split them up into a workout routine to suit your needs and goals, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages. I also talk about time off, recovery periods and much more. Includes a link to starter workout routines for the beginner to get you started if you are new to lifting weights and these type of routines.

4. Exercise selection

In this section, you’ll find the exercises I feel are best suited for progress and the human body. They have been split up into body part groups with explanations on how to perform them and additional notes to help you get the most out of these exercises.

5. Workout periodization and changing things up

This article looks at what to do when you become tired of your current training routines, need a change or hit a plateau. Making continued progress with weights is very hard, especially if you are just using the progressive overload system. By varying your workouts you can stop this boredom and lack of progress with periodization.

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