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Welcome to the health page. Here you will find an array of topics covering health in general, especially health issues associated with those that exercise.

Blood pressure and exercise
Your blood pressure is a very important indicator of your general health, especially your hearts health. This article will help you understand the effects on your blood pressure created by certain types of exercise or the way you do them.

Your heart and exercise
Like your blood pressure, the importance of having a healthy heart can’t be highlighted enough. This article will hopefully help you recognise any underlying issues you may have and encourage you to take care of yourself now and for the future.

Your lungs and exercise
There is nothing worse than feeling out of breath from numerous health issues to just being plain unfit. This article will hopefully help you increase your lung efficiency given your current physical abilities.

Lightheadedness and fainting
There are many reasons you may feel lightheaded or ready to faint. This article talks about some of the possible reasons behind them.

Getting quality sleep
Not getting enough sleep is a huge issue that many people don’t recognise as such. The issues from a bad night’s sleep are many, effecting almost everything we do. This article explains the benefits of a good nights sleep and the issues created by poor quality sleep and what to do about it.

Mental health
The human mind. It’s possibly one of the most complicated things on earth and yet we all possess one and making sure you are thinking straight can be a challenge for all of us. This article covers some of the many things that get in our way of a healthy happy life.

Exercise, joints and range of motion
It’s a sad fact that us modern humans now live a very sedentary lifestyle, which leads us into many health issues once we start exercising. One of the issues are injuries from incorrect exercise performance. When an injury occurs to a joint there is an increased chance of it reoccurring, especially as we get older. This article covers the various joints, their potential issues and range of motion.

Fixing bad posture
Having a bad posture is the cause of the many aches and pains we feel in our back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. In fact our whole body can be affected by the way we sit, stand and even sleep. Fixing bad posture, can be extremely challenging, especially if you are used to sitting or standing in a particular way and have been for a long time. In this article I’ll discuss what causes and why we have bad posture and how you can tackle these issues.

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