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Home training vs gym

Home training vs gym
The question of whether to workout at home or join a gym is a difficult one to answer. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Much of it will be down to your own personal circumstances and need. Your physical state may also have a bearing on whether you feel comfortable enough within yourself to let others watch you workout. Or whether there is a local gym close enough by.

There are many pluses and minuses and to make it easy to get an idea of which one is better for you, here are those advantages and disadvantages:

Home Training


  • No travelling to and from a gym, so saving you time and travel costs
  • No gym membership
  • No waiting around for equipment
  • No ego training
  • Easier to maintain your journal, as you can put it down on a table or next to you without it getting in the way of others
  • Ideal for those who are currently embarrassed to work out in front of others and if you want to maintain privacy
  • You can just flake out on the floor, if you overdo it
  • You can just get the equipment you want/need and not have to wait to use it
  • Convenient, as you can work out anytime you like
  • You can listen to your own workout music without having to wear a set of head phones
  • You can control the temperature that you workout at
  • You can prepare your pre and post workout nutrition around your workout easier, it’s just in the kitchen


  • Limited to the equipment you have
  • No gym staff or personal trainer (unless you’re rich enough to pay for one) to tell you how to exercise or correct any incorrect training practises
  • Easily disturbed and distracted if the door bell or phone goes or a family member is around
  • You can easily buy the wrong equipment and end up having to then try to sell it
  • Some equipment is expensive and can take up a lot of room
  • No one to help with heavy weights
  • If something went wrong, there may not be any immediate help around
  • Lake of motivation can kill a workout plan

Joining a gym


  • Some gyms have a good choice of high quality expensive equipment
  • Can help with motivation and push you harder in your workout
  • You can find a workout buddy
  • If lifting heavy weights, you may be able to get help from someone to spot you
  • You don’t need equipment taking room up in your house
  • You can get help from members of staff or even get personal training


  • You have to pay a membership, which may be expensive
  • You have to travel to and from the gym, taking up more of your time, especially if the closest gym is a long way from you
  • Too much choice in unnecessary equipment can undermine a good productive workout, sometimes keeping it simple is best
  • Having to wait for equipment can slow you down and/or alter your planned workout session
  • You have to use equipment that others have sweated on, leaving you open to hygiene issues, germs and potential illnesses (need to clean all gym gear and bag each and every time to reduce potential spreading of germs)
  • There are likely to be fungal and other infections in the changing and shower room (wear flip flops)
  • Same problem in the changing rooms with hygiene
  • Working out in front of others can increase your ego and you end up using too much weight instead of concentrating on your exercise form
  • Working out in front of others can be a distraction
  • Working out in front of others for some can be embarrassing or intimidating
  • You have to put up with annoying grunters or equipment hoarders
  • Can’t just flake out on the floor when it gets too much for you
  • You can get the wrong information from a local ‘gym ninja’
  • Difficult to maintain your journal, as you can’t put it down on a table or next to you without it getting in the way of others


Well there you have it. I can’t really advise you on which is best, as you can see it will come down to your own personal circumstances/situation. You need to weigh up which best suits you. Personally I prefer to workout at home, simply because it takes much less time up with no travelling involved, but then again I have just about all the equipment I need at home, your dedication/situation may differ.

One thing I will say is, if you are new to working out, then getting proper advice on training right from the beginning is advisable. Once you have the necessary techniques down and are confident that you can work out correctly and put together an effective workout plan, then making progress from working out at home can easily be done.