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Lazy persons guide to getting fit

Lazy persons guide to getting fit

Do you find it difficult to get motivated to workout?  Are you naturally lazy but want to get fit?

If you are reading this article then you have made the first step into your journey into getting yourself fit and active.

For many, when it comes to getting up or finding the right time, it never happens? There always seems to be an excuse for not getting active and then taking the route of least resistance, leading to procrastination and never doing those things that require just a little effort for what could be life changing benefits.

If you can’t stand the thought of working out and rather watch TV or sit in front of the computer or play a game, then that is often a natural reaction, especially for those not use to working out on a regular basis. This is also made worse as the more inactive you become the harder it is to get into some kind of activity that requires energy and effort.

It’s not just that some can’t get motivated to exercise, but often life gets in the way, you are often too tired after work or spend a lot of time and energy looking after the kids etc.

However if you can start a workout routine and slot into your current daily activities there are many benefits and if you can become consistent and a make it a habit you will eventually see it as part of your daily life’s routine and it will become easier. The benefits are great and shouldn’t be ignored, with improved overall health, disease prevention and much more (See benefits of exercise here).

Things to help get you more active and fit

  • Get started – simply getting up and about is the biggest step you can take.
  • Get motivated: Use YouTube for motivation and inspiration. Do research, read and learn a little bit about getting fit and get involved and join an exercise forum.
  • Create a schedule and workout plan. Keep a workout journal. Make a plan that you feel you can stick to, then get started.
  • Set goals if you can, but be realistic and don’t get discouraged.
  • Make it fun and be inventive. Do stuff you like/enjoy.
  • Become a better time manager. Plan your days with a diary and a to do list.
  • Exercise before doing something you like. Get your workout out the way before starting something you enjoy. Often we start something and the next minute we have lost hours to an activity that really does nothing for you. These can include watching a movie, playing a game, watching endless YouTube videos etc.
  • Join a local running or exercise group, get inspired, do something for charity and/or get ready for an event.
  • Get a friend to join you in your journey. This can help with motivation and often will help encourage you to stick to it…………
  • While joining a gym can work for many, as you may feel guilty paying, for many it may only waste your money and also add additional time to your workout, with travelling. However for some it may encourage you to get out and also make friends and workout buddies.
  • Get a personal trainer to help if you want to get serious and can afford it.
  • Get some music going before and during your workout. Energetic music can help you with get up and go.
  • Get dressed for your workout. Doing this sets you up mentally and prepares your mind for your workout.
  • Make it become a regular habit.
  • Get plenty of quality sleep. Being tired all the time makes you even more lazy and lethargic.
  • Don’t overdo it and burn yourself out. Rest – yes rest to recover from your workouts.

Some simple exercise ideas to get you started

So you made it this far through the article, now it’s time to get you started……………….

You don’t need to spend money, you can do bodyweight exercises and walking/running to start with and then later maybe invest in some equipment, such as weights, an exercise bike, treadmill, exercise bands etc. But starting exercise is free…..

Choose one or more of the following to help get you started:

Easy everyday ideas:

  • Use daily tasks for a workout. Energetic hoovering, take the stairs, walk to the shops. Make cleaning the house part of your getting active routine.
  • Play with the kids outside. Get them out and active at the same time.
  • Use the time between adverts on TV and get moving. The 3-5 minutes between your favourite TV show can be used for quick bouts of cardio and you wouldn’t have used any more time than usual.
  • Take a break every hour if you’re on the computer a lot and walk around or better still do 5 minutes of exercise each hour, get moving.

Dedicate a specific time for a proper planned workout:

  • Start slow, but be progressive. Keep it simple to start with, just a few exercises when you can.
  • Do a 1 mile walk/jog then gradually increase the distance when ready
  • Do just a few exercises and do them 3 times a week. Try push-ups, squats, jumping jacks and crunches for a simple workout. Do 5-10 reps of each exercise and 2-3 circuits. This should take less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • If it’s still difficult for you to dedicate a specific time, be creative and dynamic by splitting your exercise up over a day. Try doing 3-5 minute bursts of exercise when you can.

Get medical advice first if you are not healthy. Consult a doctor and have a check up and risk assessment, but even those concerned will be given the green light for some type of exercise, so don’t think you can’t just because you are obese or suffer from a health issue….if the doctor gives you the all clear, there are no more excuses.

Lastly, make changes for you and no one else. Commit to yourself and be positive. You have one life, live it.

When you are ready to move onto the next stage, why not check out the workout section and the nutrition section.