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The nutrition plan

The nutrition plan

The 11 steps to a better nutrition plan

I’ve written this nutrition plan as a way to help those who would like to change their body composition whether you are interested in fat loss or muscle gain or both by following a healthy balance nutrition plan without the extreme dieting plans made so popular during the last 20-30 years.

If you have any medical conditions where dietary needs are a factor, please seek professional advice before planning any nutritional changes, as certain foods and/or combinations of food can have an effect on your health.

Any changes to your normal eating habit can be quite challenging at first, but following a simple balanced nutrition plan is a lot easier than any traditional style diet or any of the ones I’ve seen on TV where they seem to think you have a cupboard full of spices and ingredients and the time to cook a 5-10 step meal!

As mentioned, these articles are here to help those who want to either lose fat, gain muscle or both. There is no separate plan for one or the other. You just simply change the macros and food choices to suit your goal and change the type of exercise you do (if you are doing any?). Also to be aware of is that what works for one person may not work for someone else, so a proper nutrition plan needs to be created and tailored to each individual.

What I’m about to teach you is how to plan your own nutrition plan, yes that’s right. You are going to learn about nutrition for yourself, as simple as I can make it.

Lastly, don’t just read this page and think about coming back tomorrow to carry on. Do it TODAY, not tomorrow, or next week or next month, because doing something tomorrow is always the easiest way out of not doing it at all and tomorrow never comes. Make that commitment to improving your health NOW!

So whatever your goals, let’s get into the nutrition plan:

What is covered in this plan:

  1. An introduction to the Nutrition Plan

The education section:

  1. About calories
  2. About protein
  3. About carbohydrates
  4. About fat
  5. Food, hormones and its impact on our bodies

More helpful information:

  1. Nutritional tips, tricks and general information
  2. Pre and post workout nutrition
  3. Supplements

Let’s do it:

  1. Putting it all together

Example of a nutrition plan:

  1. My personal nutrition plan

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